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Jubilee Fest Interviews
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Jubilee Fest Interviews
(No, Cayucas, Fool’s Gold)

It was a warm two days in downtown Los Angeles for Jubilee Fest. It was an awkwardly constructed festival. It was a decent amount of fun. The Saturday of Jubilee I was fortunate enough to score a couple of interviews through the wonderful radio station, unfortunately for me we didn’t have actual press passes like we thought so unfortunately the interviews and their sound quality left a lot to be desired. Bands playing the in the background, hundreds of people walking around, plus the inability to  properly mic people…. there were a lot of challenges editing this stuff (and I’m not an audio engineer so it sounds even worse). But it was a wonderful time. After the break you can find interviews with all three bands as well as a link to No’s free EP that is available right now. Enjoy.

Cayucas Chapman Radio Fool's Gold Interview No

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