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Interview: Best Coast (2013)
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Interview: Best Coast (2013)

It’s little known or publicized on this tiny corner of the internet I call my playground that I also happen to work for a college radio station. The link for my radio show Running Water Radio (on!) sits proudly at the top of this site, but is rarely ever clicked on. For some reason, the two worlds never really collide. But occasionally something cool comes up, like an interview with Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast, and I feel the desire to strip the radio show audio and put it on the internet. This was a rush-job interview, I had no prep and I had only woken up approximately 30 minutes before speaking directly to her, but none the less I think it went pretty well. Their new EP will likely be something of note in this writer/broadcasters opinion, especially given how disappointing their previous Jon Brion produced sophomore LP The Only Way was.  As she describes the new EP, it’s a cross between the DIY first album and the glitzy and polished follow up. Consider me pushing my chips all in. I present to you after the jump, 15 minutes with Best Coast.

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