Review: And After That, We Didn't Talk

Review: And After That, We Didn’t Talk Goldlink, 2015 A conversation about GoldLink’s recent output should likely start with his superior contemporary and current hip-hop golden boy, Chance the Rapper. Chance’s energy stems from his youthful excitement – if you’ve ever seen him live you can attest to this. It’s not that he doesn’t have […]

Review: Art Angels

Review: Art Angels Grimes, 2015 Music blogs, journalists, commenters and online forums debating the merits of pop music is a conversation isn’t anything new but I would argue it’s a conversation that never fully blossomed until the internet provided a platform. For the debate to exist in the fabric of the world wide web makes […]

Review: V

Review: V Wavves, 2015 Wavves frontman Nathan Williams has had a big couple of years; five full length Wavves LP’s (and apparently more coming very, very soon), a joint album with Cloud Nothings, and an EP that featured Best Coast and Fucked Up all in just seven years. The band was featured on Big Boi’s […]

Review: All of Something

Review: All Of Something Sports, 2015 Sports would annoy the hell out you if they weren’t so goddamn endearing. They have a generic, non-search engine friendly name (one already being used by a band who released a different, pretty okay record this year) – a name, incidentally, that seems to likely drip with irony. Their […]

Review: V

Review: V Wavves, 2015 If you asked most musicians what they would be doing other than making music, a fairly normal response (and this is true for any artist) would be “I was always going to make art no matter what. This is all I have.” Artists, by their nature, want to create. And as […]

Review: Dodge and Burn

Review: Dodge and Burn The Dead Weather, 2015 There’s a moment in the documentary From Under the Great Northern Lights (2009), where Jack White explains the methodologies of his recording process with the White Stripes; by putting himself in a specific box – one with a limiting drummer, limited time, and a variety of self-imposed […]

Review: Professional Rapper

Review: Professional Rapper Lil Dicky, 2015 The concept of “anti-rap” is something I already don’t buy into so naturally Lil Dicky and I started off not seeing eye-to-eye. “Rap music for people who don’t like rap music” isn’t a great argument for Lil Dicky, especially when your Trojan horse is an album that features you […]

Review: Too

Review: Too FIDLAR, 2015 When Blink-182 started, they started where most punk bands of the 90’s started: the garage. Their music was fast, loud, and obnoxious in a way that was endearing, as if to say: “We’re hear, we’re catchy – But please don’t take us TOO seriously.” But somewhere after Enema of the State, […]

Review: Summertime '06

  Review: Summertime ‘06 Vince Staples, 2015 If you have any general working knowledge of music history, the cover of Vince Staples debut LP Summertime ’06 should immediately seem somewhat familiar. Black background? Wiry waves with a variety of peaks and valleys contrasting each other? The parallel to his cover and that of Joy Division’s iconic Unknown Pleasures shouldn’t come […]

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