Jubilo Drive Interview

Interview: Jubilo Drive (2016) Jubilo Drive produced the kind of sound on their 2015 debut, Taqueria, to instantly strike a nerve in Southern California music scene, and to their credit, it seems like they did. Less than a year removed from the release of that album, the band is already planning on releasing a followup EP and […]

Jubilee Fest Interviews

Jubilee Fest Interviews (No, Cayucas, Fool’s Gold) It was a warm two days in downtown Los Angeles for Jubilee Fest. It was an awkwardly constructed festival. It was a decent amount of fun. The Saturday of Jubilee I was fortunate enough to score a couple of interviews through the wonderful radio station, unfortunately for me […]

Interview: Holy Ghost!

Interview: Holy Ghost! (2013) One of the perks of being a member of a university radio station has been getting to interview cool bands. The biggest thus far would have to be Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, AKA Holy Ghost!, the DFA disco-punk synth masters from New York City. After the interview got pushed back […]

Interview: Best Coast (2013)

Interview: Best Coast (2013) It’s little known or publicized on this tiny corner of the internet I call my playground that I also happen to work for a college radio station. The link for my radio show Running Water Radio (on!) sits proudly at the top of this site, but is rarely ever clicked […]

Interview: Oberhofer (2012)

Interview: Oberhofer (2012) I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to go see Matt & Kim, a band that I truly adore and constantly find compelling live. I’ll be honest, when I saw they were touring I questioned my own desires to go. I’d seen them twice in 2011, I would rather go see […]

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